VR Learning Extension App


Humber strives to give students greater access to the technology they are learning, at any time of day, quite literally in the halls of Humber College, and this access should be extended beyond the campus, onto transit and even once they are home. This prototype application allows students to enter a booking centre virtually, showcasing two digital twins of the EOS Canon C200 and the Canon C500 MKII via their phone (iOS or Android), by scanning a QR code. The portal to this ‘virtual showcase’ is via a hologram structure, (Looking Glass) showcased in the hallway near our booking centre, which showcases holographic versions of the 3D Canon cameras on a loop. The aim is to intrigue students and passersby to consider scanning the accompanying QR code and this automatically launches a browser-based application that allows them to navigate in the app. There are digital twins (3D replicas) of the Canon cameras that are used at Humber College in the film production programs. The voice of a Canadian Director of Photography, Christina Ienna, guides the user as they navigate through. This allows students at any stage of their program (and even students in other programs) to gain access to the cameras and related educational content.


Dr. Eva Ziemsen
Professor, Film & Virtual Production, Film & Media Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, Humber College

Virtual Film Applications/ Approaches, Virtual Production
Dylan Ravka
Instructor, Game Programming
Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, Humber College

Unity, game engines, programming



Professor, Film & Virtual Production
Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, Humber College
Dr. Eva Ziemsen is a Professor in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (FMCA) at Humber College, where she teaches film production and virtual production. She is an award-winning filmmaker and educator, with 20 years of experience. She holds a Ph.D. that focused on the origins of Virtual Production, in her dissertation, “Developing a Learning Model to Teach Film Production Online,” from the University of British Columbia, an MA in Feature Film Development from Goldsmiths University, and a BFA (Hons) in Film & Video Production from York University. Eva recently completed the Micro-Credential in Virtual Production at SIRT Centre. She is the Program Coordinator of the new Virtual Production Graduate Certificate at Humber College, for which she was the faculty development lead.. She has made films in virtual worlds and has taught in the Metaverse. A collaborator at heart, she and her team won the Innovation of the Year Award (2022) at Humber College for a Collaborative Pipeline of VP and the President’s Research Excellence Award (2023) for her collaborative research in the Metaverse. Eva is passionate about developing research and learning opportunities that harness the physical and virtual world and AI that will enhance the future of media.


Instructor, Game Programming
Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, Humber College
Dylan Ravka is an enthusiastic Game Developer and Instructor. While studying Game Programming at Humber College, Dylan was immersed in VR/AR and emerging technologies as he realized the opportunities of real-time 3D and gamification. Dylan has worked on various projects across multiple industries including healthcare and education. Dylan's passion for advocating for game developers has led him to his more recent roles as an Instructor and Unity Developer Support Engineer. Dylan is excited to continue supporting and contributing to the global community of game developers and creators.


Director of Photography
Christina Ienna is an award-winning cinematographer and filmmaker based in Toronto. She has extensive experience in documentary, narrative and commercial production. She is on the Board of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and holds status as an Associate Member. Christina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Film and Communication Studies from the University of Windsor. She spent the early part of her career working in Alberta and British Columbia before moving to Toronto. Christina has over fifteen years of industry experience working across Canada and the United States with companies such as TOURISM CANADA, AMAZON, LIFETIME, PIXAR, VICE, CBC and UNIVERSAL MUSIC.
Neil Stephenson
Canon, Manager, Professional Markets

with Dr. Eva Ziemsen and Dylan Ravka at Canon Canada, 50th Anniversary, Brampton, Ontario.

Credit list

Director of Photography (featured in app)
Writer and Voice Over
Neil Stephenson
Manager, Professional Markets, Canon
Jaime Torres
3D Artist/Modeler
Steven Toepell
Sound Recordist/Editor
Elijah Alejandro
Design Consultant/Web Designer
Carlo Manalo
Photographer /Cinematographer
Nyx Mian
Student Cinematographer
Anya Hrehirchuk
Student UX Design Consultant
Darren Richards, Simranjeet Singh
Priority 3 Project Support


Gina Antonacci
Senior Vice-President, Academic, Humber College
Dawn Macaulay
Dean, Innovative Learning, Humber College
Kibae Park
Digital Media Technician, Humber College
Amanda Morra
Legal, Risk and Privacy Specialist, Humber College
Adam Weissengruber
Copyright and Law Librarian, Humber College
Julia LeClair
Creative Technologies, Humber Colleg
Michael Simmons
IT Specialist, Humber College
John Hryszkiewicz
Post-Production Specialist, Humber College
Anthony Nyman
Technologist BCTI, Humber College
Thanh Pham
Website Consultant, Humber College
About Priority 3: “Humber College is pushing the boundaries of how we design and deliver the best possible learning experience for every student at Humber.

From launching new programs that reflect the needs of the Ontario labour market and announcing inaugural projects that support the goals of Humber’s Academic Pan, to the importance of Academic Integrity, we all play a critical role in creating the future of teaching and learning at Humber.

We invited faculty and staff to submit proposals that support the goals of the Humber Academic Plan - Priority 3: Empowering Teaching and Learning. This includes approaches to offering learners flexibility, personalization, digital fluency and harnessing new technologies in teaching and learning. I am so impressed by the creativity, risk-taking and innovation I saw in the proposals, and I extend my gratitude to everyone who submitted their ideas.” Dr. Gina Antonacci, Senior Vice President, Academic, Humber College